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Pearson Clynes believe that when it comes to an extension a few simple things can make the world of difference. It’s not just a case of adding more square footage, its needs to be the right space in the right place. The better the design in the first place, the more successful the project will be for you. If you just want bigger rooms then that’s Ok, but if you have specific need to compartmentalise space within your home to add a home office, extra bedroom, a second lounge, or granny annex the design is king. We work closely with Cullen Architects to provide cost effective and considered plans to our clients. Once the plans are drawn up we can cost the project from start to finish, not just the building costs, the total cost helping you find the hidden costs some people don’t mention like council fees or carpets? We are also happy to take the plans you have and give a breakdown of the cost associated. We offer a package unlike many other companies as we can simply give you a shell to work with or provide a comprehensive design package that gives you everything from the brickwork to design flurries and interiors worthy of a photo shoot.

As with everything else an extension requires an unusual amount of paper-work from your local authority. We always liaise with them on your behalf to ensure a fully compliant structure and a certificate of completion for use in a later sale of the property.

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