Cellar Conversions in Manchester

Unlike many other builders or building companies, Pearson Clynes has been involved in cellar conversions for many years, so long we still call them cellars and not basements. Along the way we have established an excellent working relationship with the Wycamol Group who we feel is the market leader in membrane solutions. We can offer a wealth of experience in finding ways to make the most of any space you have. We can add light and space into most cellars. We don’t just offer the structural waterproofing itself, we can make sure the job is undertaken from start to finish ensuring a high quality product with an underwritten guarantee. So if you need a home office, en-suite bedroom, cinema, gymnasium or even a swimming pool down stairs, we can make it happen.

All Pearson Clynes' cellar conversions come with the benefit of a full guarantee. Although planning permission is often unnecessary, it is important to establish the need for Local Authority Building Control requirements so the cellar may indeed become a basement and be marketed as such should you sell the property at a later date.  

As with all our work the first thing we do is call round for a coffee and a chat, that way you can get an idea of what can be done and a ball park of the costs involved.